Mindfulness consultancy, training, courses, classes and lectures are offered for individuals, groups, teams, and organisations in business, health care, psychology and the community.  Training sessions can range from a few hours to year-long programmes and residential retreats.

The experiential emphasis offers the potential for a new way of being mindful to be immediately integrated into everyday life situations; at home, in relationships and at work.  Mindfulness improves working memory, creativity, attention span and reaction speeds. It also enhances clarity, mental and physical stamina and resilience.

  • Bespoke mindfulness talks for events
  • One to two hour-long introductory workshops
  • Six to eight week Mindfulness Courses
  • One-day Mindfulness Workshops
  • Other tailored Mindfulness Courses
  • Executive one-to-one sessions
  • Online / telephone distance learning
  • Consultancy to integrate mindfulness into your organisation

Please email to arrange a time to discuss how mindfulness might be useful for you, your group or organisation.



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